Wild Wild West 2020

The Wild West Series is a yearly series run from December through to March with 6 races where your best 4 results count.  XCO format. Most venues are west of Brisbane


1.Dec Walloon

15.Dec Jubilee

5.Jan Walloon

19.Jan TBC

1.March Castle Hill

29.March TBC

Perfect training race early on a Sunday morning

Very friendly, family atmosphere with a category for everyone from beginner to elite athletes as well as children. We cater for all level of riders, adapting the track to a shorter loop at more difficult venues

Laps are determined by time.  A grade around 1.15hr, B grade 1 hr and C grade 50mins.  The tracks vary in length from 4 to 5.2kms.  


7.30am under 10 with a 15min race on a shortened track.

8am A men and women,

8.02am B men and woman,

8.04am C men and 8.05am C ladies and Under 15 kids who do 1 lap

Entry $20 for adults, $10 for kids.  Day licence $30.  

$10 extra for on day entry.

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To race you need a MTBA licence or a day licence, click here to get a free 3months trial membership from MTBA 




Castle Hill


Jr's Gym and Bike