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Mount Crosby
round 2

 3rd December 

Round 2 Held at the Tyamolum Scout Camp on Bunya St, just off Mount Crosby Road.

This well known venue has benefited from some trail upgrades recently thanks to Kenmore Cycle Club and BORRA.

Expect some climbing, and a variety of trail types.


7.30am Under 11 boys and girls - 20min race on a shortened track

8am Under 15 boys and girls - 1 lap

8.02am D grade (social) men and women inc. E-bikes - 2 laps

8.30am A grade men and women with the E-bike men - 5 laps

8.32am B grade men and woman and E-bike women - 4 laps

8.34am C grade men and ladies - 3 laps

Rider Briefing for Wild West Series - Important All riders please read

Registration will open at 6:30 am and will close at 7:50am

Please come to the registration tent to grab your number and some ties to attach it to the front of your bike. The number needs to be visible when you are riding so please attach it so it can be seen easily from in front of your bike. The number also contains your timing chip. They are quite expensive so please return it to registration after your race.

You can also make any changes to your entry at this time.

We will allow on the day entries, if you planning to register on the or request a change please try to attend the registration desk early.

All riders MUST have an Auscycling Race licence to race. These can be obtained online at the Auscycling website


All riders must wear an Australian-approved cycling helmet. Bikes must have working front and back brakes. All bikes must have 2 bar-plugs or lock-on collars. We suggest other protective equipment such as riding gloves and eyewear. Auscycling regulations also do not permit sleeveless shirts.

Race Format

Racing is in the XCO format and will follow Auscycling technical regulations

There will be a mass start of one or more categories together. There is often a start loop in the first lap only (depending on the venue). Please self-seed on the start line with faster riders at the front

Do not deliberately obstruct a faster rider trying to pass. If you want to pass a slower rider, call out in a friendly way and state which side you will pass. Please be courteous and nice to each other so we all have a good day.

Tricky obstacles will have clearly marked B-lines. Please use these if you need to.

In these Grade races, the track will be closed once the first A grade rider crosses the finish line. No more laps can be started after this.

Course Markings

The course will be bunted and marked appropriately. If you do happen to leave the track, you must rejoin where you left, otherwise you can be disqualified.

Marshals and Course Safety

There will be marshals on the course with 2-way radios. If you are the first to encounter an injured rider, you must stop and render assistance. Send the next rider onwards to advise the marshals or commissaire. Riders providing assistance can have their times adjusted so that they are not disadvantaged.

The marshals are there for your safety and you are required to follow their instructions particularly in case of emergency.

Please advise timing staff if you withdraw from the race, and return your race number.

Spectators must watch for riders and stay out of their way at all times.


Podiums for the U11 will be during the adult race

Grade podiums will occur once racing has finished.

Usually between 10am and 10:30am

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