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The gym encompasses many different pieces of equipment from free weights and benches to specific machines targeting different muscle groups.  There is a spin bike and rowing machine for warm up and swiss balls, kettlebells and bosu apparatus for core and muscle isolation work.  Other pieces of equipment work in conjunction with these.

Workouts are not relegated just to the gym rooms, you may find yourself doing sprints up the driveway, pressups on a bridge running around a track...

Personal Programs

Your program is custom designed for you.  We take into account your current level of fitness, what you like to do and where you want to get to.  We make it fun but it is also hard work.  it is varied and no two workouts are the same.  We shock your body so it doesn't  get comfortable and fall into routine and stop getting results, each workout is designed to start something new and move you ahead.

Workout Times

Times vary and you can book in a session anytime JR is available.  He works shifts so this means he can be available during the day or at night, weekdays or weekends.  Just give him a ring or book your next session or few sessions all at once while at the gym.


Come and have a look around and a chat about what you'd like to achieve.  Tell us about your goals, your history and any concerns you may have.  If you're a biker, or would like to be, come to a club day,  and check out the Track..

Personal Training

Personal training sessions cost $30.00 per hour.  You can train as often as you can handle and that we can fit you in.  Discounts apply for multiple sessions and regular sessions, ask about this when you apply

Trainers Tips


And welcome.

Training and sport have been a life long passion for me.

I certainly wish I knew then what I know now. I’ve had my ups and downs in sport, battled all kind of injuries and demons and still have a burning desire to compete.

But the point I’d like to make is, ‘Life is to be lived’ Now this doesn’t mean you have to play sport or jump from planes. It means make the most of who you are. Find your passion and give it %100.

I’ve won finals and won races, also lost my share and made up the numbers in some races but some of best memories are of times when I simply did the best I could. I can still recall special training sessions either on the bike or gym. It’s been said before but the journey can be the best part.

So it doesn’t matter what your goals are, from losing weight to bulking up, finishing that 100k race or finishing in front of everybody else. I share your passion, I want to laugh and cry with you as we take on the impossible. It’s not always going to be easy but the best rewards come from hard work. So don’t be afraid of your dreams. Chasing them down can be one of the most rewarding and fun things you do with your life.


These Trainers Tips are answers to commonly asked questions, new ideas that have come out of recent publications and helpful advice for your workouts.....

Coffeine, Carbs and Diet 

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