Gym & Personal Training Waiver

JR’s Gym & Personal Training Waiver and Liability Release

In consideration of using gym equipment and receiving personal training at JR’s Gym which is on private land, the undersigning participant hereby releases, discharges, and forever acquits the owners of “JR’s Gym and Mountain Biking” and landholders collectively and all respective officers, directors, servants, employees and agents from any and all liability claims, demands, legal action or damages arising from the aforementioned activity while on the locations and/or participating in the aforementioned activity.

This liability release shall be binding upon the assignee, distributees, heirs, next of kin, executors and administrators of the undersigned and may be pled by “JR’s Gym and Mountain Biking”, landholders, directors, servants, employees and agents as a complete bar and defence against the claim, demand or action by or on behalf of the undersigned.

The CLIENT acknowledges that any program of fitness exercise involves a risk of injury.

The CLIENT represents that he/she has been recently examined by a medical doctor and been found able to undertake a program of exercise.

For and in consideration of the design of an exercise program for the CLIENT by JR’s Gym, the CLIENT agrees:

That any exercise program shall be undertaken by the CLIENT at his/her sole risk, and That JR’s Gym shall not be liable to the CLIENT , nor any other person, for any claims or causes of action whatsoever arising out of or connected with the services of JR’s Gym, and That the CLIENT hereby releases and discharge JR’s Gym from any such claims or actions.