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4th and 5th december 2021

Race 2 heads up to  McEuen State Forest, Wondai in the South Burnett. The South Burnett Club will host a fun double-header, so consider staying in the region to really enjoy the weekend. Saturday will be a shorter, XCC-type race and this will act as a seeding race for the main race on Sunday. It should be fun and has a reduced entry fee of $10. The Wondai tracks are fun and fast, with some gullies, a bit of climbing and lots of trees! Its a great race for spectators too.  

Saturday schedule  Racing will start at 2pm. Further details to come. It will be a relatively short race.

Sunday- XCO Laps are determined by time.  A grade around 1.15hr, B grade 1 hr and C grade 50mins.  The tracks vary in length from 4 to 5.2kms.  

Sunday Schedule: 

7.30am under 10 with a 15min race on a shortened track.

8am A men and women,

8.02am B men and woman,

8.04am C men and 8.05am C ladies and Under 15 kids who do 1 lap

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