1.Dec & 5.Jan

Race 1 and 3 head to Walloon.  All grades race on the same track and it’s a great entry level track but don’t take it for granted.  There’s no where to hide and once you start red lining you’ve got to be able to hold that to the end.  Always plenty of very close finishes at Walloon.  Also, easy to watch the whole race from start to finish if you wanted to. 

Laps are determined by time.  A grade around 1.15hr, B grade 1 hr and C grade 50mins.  The tracks vary in length from 4 to 5.2kms.  


7.30am under 10 with a 15min race on a shortened track.

8am A men and women,

8.02am B men and woman,

8.04am C men and 8.05am C ladies and Under 15 kids who do 1 lap