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Carbs and Diet

Don’t believe all the hype about magical products that can make you slim, fit, toned bulked up or down by just looking at them for 20mins a day.  Did I say looking, some of the advertising would have us believe all you have to do is buy their product and sit back and relax as your body gets covered in muscles and the fat disappears in thin air.  I know you want facts.  So go to  for advice about supplements.

So I encourage people to read up and get the facts. Diet should be sustainable, it can be enjoyable, it must be good for you.  There are hundreds of good sites out there, just remember, if it sounds too good too be true, it probably is.  Their product won’t work, however, hard work by you and a common sense approach to diet will.

So eat your fruit and veges, they are your guardians.  Have a varied diet and drink plenty of water, it’s not supposed to be hard. 


Caffeine can restrict blood flow to the heart muscle by up to 39% during exercise. (not much more needs to be said)

So you might feel better but you are not going to perform any better and remember that’s what all your energy drinks are full of. 

So NO! You don’t need it

It will leave with a headache after any endurance type event.  It should also be noted that a lot of the top cycling racing teams in the world don’t let riders use energy drinks.

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