Podium Ready Project

Our new program is designed for junior and masters’ riders wanting to be on top of the podium. If you have a dream and goal to stand on the top step, we have the program for you.

This program will cover more and be more intense than The Diesel Project.

We will delve into how you are currently performing and what we need to do for improvement. FTP testing will be included to give you a baseline measure we will monitor throughout the program. We will review all areas of your training and preparation covering your diet, recovery plans, strength and flexibility, race preparation, mindset, and planning strategies.

Goal setting will be worked through with each rider on a 1-on-1 basis. Setting short and long-term goals, working through how to deal with success and failure. If a goal isn’t quite achieved, how do we learn, adapt, and grow stronger throughout the process? We will delve into the mindset required to be a champion, to be successful, to bounce back from disappointments, and to develop a winning mindset.

Your program will be designed around you’re A race.  Looking at what’s required to win that race!

If your goal is wearing an Australian jersey, making the Australian team, winning a National Series or even putting on the magical rainbows we can help get you there.

Progression, determination, and love of the process.

Included in this program will be race plans, race day strategies, warm-up equipment and support at events, and travel support to and from national events.

6-month commitment Cost $2100

$325 a month after initial 6-month program