New Website & Programs

Been a little quiet lately on social media but been flat out, working on a new website, programs, and had a minor operation on 25th January. All good now. Dr said no riding for 5 weeks, we discussed that further and I got him down to 3 weeks. Just got back into the gym yesterday. Have managed to get to Nerang, Crackenback, Awaba, Canberra, and Karingal so far this year. So now it’s time to get me fit again. So @jrsgymandbike we will be launching ’The Diesel project’ for riders like @pozze7, wanting to get fit again and enjoy riding long rides and tough tracks. Aiming for the Epic in September. If you’d like to join him on this adventure, more details coming shortly as we re-launch our exciting new website.

Another project we will be launching is the ‘Podium Ready Project’. For riders who want to be on the top of the podium. Everyone can train hard but it’s the little things that make the difference. We will look at everything from diet @life.and.performance.nutrition, bike and race prep @ridemechanic, race planning, skills, and much more. It’s an Epic journey. To become a champion you need a community behind you and this is where we rule. If you crash, there’ll be someone there to pick you up, brush you off, and point you in the right direction. When you win, we’ll all go crazy. If you have the courage and desire, let’s go and win some races. Details soon. We have been lucky to get a good amount of sponsorship lately and will be pouring that into the team for our riders.