Diesel Project 2024

This project is aimed at male and female riders who want to regain their fitness and skills.  You may have been a competitive rider when younger and want to rediscover your love of riding and fitness, or you are discovering mountain biking later in life. Then this is the program for you.

We will work towards long-term aims in rebuilding fitness, strength, endurance, and or speed. Each rider will be asked to define their goals at the start of the program apart from fitness and mountain bike skills do you have an event goal? Would you like an opportunity to test yourself in an event or race? Completing the Epic, Noosa Enduro, competing in the Qld XCO State Champs, or maybe a Cyclocross or Gravel event.

The program is designed around your lifestyle and places available to ride. We will slowly build your hours on the bike.  Programs based on time available to your ride bike or time available on an indoor trainer.  A basic gym program will also be provided to build strength off the bike to help with core stability and overall strength.

Programs will include skills lessons and a mix of 1on1 and small group sessions per month of 2-4 riders. Larger group rides may also be offered occasionally to bring together training groups and connect with program members, share experiences, and form friendships.

Cost $275/month minimum commitment 3 months.

After your first 3 months, the ongoing program fee is $250 a month.