South-East Queensland

Gym & Mountain Biking

About JR

Hi I’m JR, a level 1 and 2 registered mountain bike coach with AusCycling, UCI Commissaire, event organiser and race day announcer.

I’ve been a mountain bike coaching for over ten years and a personal trainer for 20 years.

I love coaching. I still enjoy teaching beginners how to roll over that first log and see them smile the first time they get air. I’ve had the chance to coach National mountain bike champs and riders in the Australian team. From World Championships to your first time on a mountain bike I’ve coached riders to success. I’ve played competitive sport for as long as I can remember and still race my mountain bike when I get a chance.

I’ve experienced the highs and lows that competitive sport brings.

The hard work needs to be done but the 1 percent things that can make a difference we will work on them too. As part of my coaching you will have access to other experts in their field who partner with me to support your success, covering all aspects of your riding, nutrition and performance.

It takes a community for a rider to be successful. When joining Jrsgymandbike you become part of a mountain bike community. There’ll be laughter and tears. Hard work and fun. Good times, some lows but you will have the support to keep going and times when we just have to knuckle down and get the job done.

It’s an amazing journey. Mountain biking can take you to so many amazing places. Pedal by pedal, there are no limits. Dream big and don’t hold back. (When in doubt, go full send). In the mountain biking world, attitude is more important than the bike you ride.

So text me, call me or message me. Let’s get this mountain biking adventure started.

There is nothing better than seeing a beginner smile while on their bike, just enjoying riding.

Mountain Bike Training

Successfully coaching Junior athletes to the top National level and beyond as well as offering training for all ages and abilities. Offering 1on1 sessions, group training sessions and rides, structured programs, skills lessons, assistance at races. This is your opportunity to join an awesome supportive team, that work together, always having each others back.

Personal Training

Custom designed programs for you. We take into account your current level of fitness, what you like to do and your goals. We make it fun but it is also hard work to push you to be your best. Workouts will be varied, no two workouts are the same, helping to keep you motivated and enjoying new challenges within your workouts.

JR's Track

All challenges can be accomplished by any rider, the degree of difficulty is in how fast you go, weather conditions and how technical you make your riding.

JR's Gym

The gym offers everything you need for strength training, getting in the work off the bike to make you stronger on the bike. JR will ensure your core is bulletproof, giving you the strength and stability to race up the climbs.

Toilets and showers are available onsite, cold drinks for sale and a covered area to relax in after rides and workouts. Free parking onsite for up to 100 vehicles and plenty of shaded spots, to setup your bike and gear before hitting the trails.